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Crunchy Feta cheese salad with Creative red fruits vinegar condiment

Ingredients (4 people) 300 g Feta cheese 300 g Penne pasta 50 g sliced almonds 100 g water crest 100 g arugula White and green sesame seeds 120 g Parisian mushrooms * CREATIVE red fruits vinegar condiment Extra virgin olive oil Oregano Fleur de sel Pepper Preparation Slice the mushrooms and marinate them in the … Continue reading


Brazed tender loin with grilled pear and CREATIVE red wine vinegar reduction

Ingredients (4 people) 800g of tender loin 250g of pears 50g whole wheat bread fleur de sel CREATIVE red wine vinegar reduction Black pepper Preparation Cut the tender loin into 200g pieces and season with fleur de sel and black pepper. Grill the tender loin and finish cooking in the hoven. Slice the pears and … Continue reading

Chicken Basket with CREATIVE Vinegar Condiment with Mango gelatin

Ingredients (4 people) 600g chicken breasts 4 brick pastry sheets 120 g of purslane 40 g de walnut kernels * 2dl of CREATIVE Vinegar Condiment with Mango 2 g powder gelatin Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fleur de Sel Pepper Mint leafs Chives Preparation Bake the chicken breasts in a broth seasoned with fresh herbs (mint … Continue reading

Our first sale…on our first day!

Our team wishes to thank our first costumer, that bought a Honey Tasting Set. Hope you enjoy the fabulous honey from Portugal…and return to our store soon! Best Wishes from the Augusta Gourmet team.


After many months of hard work… We are proud to announce that Augusta Gourmet is finally open! With over 1.000 products…100% Portuguese. The best wines and top gourmet products. Guest checkout – You don’t need to register to buy. Member Discount – Register and get an immediate discount. Professional Discount – If you are a … Continue reading

Fabulous Olive Oil

Last week was fabulous! We had a meeting with João Blanc last week, and he was so kind to send us some photos of the Quinta de S. Vicente duo of olive oil and vinegar, produced by Herdeiros Passanha. Beautiful bottles and high quality product! A Must!

Brigadeiro Cake…the ultimate sin!

After my very healthy breakfast (a bowl of all-grain cereals with fruit)…at lunch, I was forced to eat a slice of Brigadeiro cake! So much for my Summer Diet! I hate you João!